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I don’t want to fight my depression..

Don't want to fight

When I saw this photo I hadto repost it because it so clearly captures my feelings on many days (and the couch in the photo looks pretty comfortable). In fact this morning, I felt this way (but enter “anxiety” instead of depression). I overworked my brain yesterday so I didn’t sleep well and woke up with a tension headache and panic attack symptoms.  I wanted to climb back into bed–but I had commitments at work and my in-laws are coming.  Fortunately, my amazing husband helped cheer me up and I put on a cute outfit (that helped…a little!)

I don’t want to fight my depression...

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Love is not enough…

Love is not enough...

Another post secret ( if you don’t know what that is!) that I could relate too. Now I wouldn’t call the love of my family and friends “insignificant”, I wouldn’t even be taking my medication if it wasn’t for them.  However, I do agree that “Love is not enough”.  Mental illness is a chemical problem in your brain, and just like diabetes, medication is needed to manage it.

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Ladies and Gentlemen….

This is it! I finally did it!!!  For those who know me I’ve been writing “blogs” for the past year–really they’re more like journal enteries since I never got around to posting them.  But today at church I vowed to go Nike…and “Just Do It!”  So here I am…

Take a few minutes to read the “About” posts and maybe get to know me a bit (if you don’t already).  For my first blog, I posted a picture from Post Secret that I related to.  I thought about posting a 1000 word essay…but decided not to start off to ambitiously you know?!

Post Secret

From: Post Secret

Finding out I was bipolar was in a way a huge relief for me. Finally, all the depression/anxiety were not my fault and there was hope that I could get better. In a way–there was a sense of freedom that came with it!

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