My Break-Up with Mania

I recently (ok a while ago) wrote about my affair with mania. Since I gave you a brief look into our love story, I thought it only fair that I share the break-up letter I wrote him as well.

Dear Mania,

I know we’ve had some good times, but this just isn’t working out.

It’s not you, it’s me: This isn’t your fault–I know you’re just yourself. But I’ve changed since we got together all those years ago. I can’t take the irritability you bring out in me. Fighting the constant battle with impatience just isn’t fun anymore.

I need to focus on my job right now: I know we have such good times together. I know you’ve had some ideas that have been fun; but you’re distracting me from the things I value the most. You pull me in a 100 different directions, chasing the next shiny object, have me thinking everything is a great idea. But I need to focus on the goals outlined for the and do my job accordingly….

I’m not ready for a long-term commitment: I’m just not at a point in my life where I’m ready to make a  long-term commitment to you. While you might be fun in my youth, I want to be a mom who’s stable. I want to be a wife who manages her emotions. I want to grow into a grandma you can count on .

You deserve better: You deserve someone who loves all of you and I’m just not that person. I hate feeling like I’m going to just crawl out of my skin. It’s just exhausting to keep up with the racing thoughts. I hate having tons of unfinished projects when you go away.

My friends don’t like you: Hyper Tabitha can be quite overwhelming, and it’s too much work to constantly hold the energy in. Pretending I’m calm, trying to slow down my speech, not constantly jump from one idea to the next is wearing on me.

 I’ll always love you; you’ve shaped so much of who I am. But I really think it’s time we part ways.

I don’t think we can stay friends.



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