A Day in My Life!

Like most people with a mental illness, I spend way too much time in my own brain. That’s where a lot of the anxiety breeds as I focus on my own thoughts and ideas. In fact, one tactic that I use to prevent panic attacks is to start to point out specific visual things around me. For example, “The clock says it is 9:10 in red numbers; there is a small red light in the bottom right hand corner to show that it is PM”

So for this blog I thought I’d post some photos of a “day in my life”.  These past few days I’ve been paying more attention to life around me wondering “hmm…what should I take pictures of”. I would recommend trying it for a few days and see if it helps get you out of your brain into the world around you.


So what do you think? Do you have other ways to help me get out of my anxiety filled brain?

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12 thoughts on “A Day in My Life!

  1. Love this photo-journey through your day! (Love the mis-matched socks on the couch, too, it’s nice to know I’m not the only adult that likes to mis-match!) For me, journaling, when I can, helps get me out of my head- or maybe it pushes me further inward, hmm…. I know that a walk outside is ALWAYS helpful, it just depends on if I have the energy (which I usually don’t) to make myself go out. I’ve also recently taken to painting – just bought some cheap paints and paper to mess around with when I need to drop the anxiety somewhere.

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah! Someone else who doesn’t match socks! I always say, “Life’s too short to match socks” if someone asks me about it. : )

      Thanks for the ideas–I find journaling to be helpful to just “dump” my thoughts somewhere, but I can also wind myself up! The painting is a great idea, I’ll have to try it. Have you ever tried finger paints? I wonder if the added physical sensation of using finger paints would also help get you out of your head? That being said–I think you should post some of the pictures you paint (if they’re not too personal!).

  2. Like the idea of taking photos

  3. sakuraandme says:

    Go You!
    That’s what I tell myself…Tomorrows another day!
    Love the color of your quilt!
    Have a great weekend. Paula x

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks! It’s so hard to tell ourselves that “tomorrow is another day” isn’t it? Because sometimes I’m like “I don’t know if I can do another day”. And on those days it’s not encouraging that there’s another one coming. Can you relate? How do you handle days like that?

      • sakuraandme says:

        Truthfully…I cry when I’m alone and just keep telling myself that tomorrow will be different.
        I very rarely cry in front of my family as I don’t want them to worry…because I know I always push through it!

        Strange I know but I go to the shops and look for the perfect cupcake! Lol…Honestly it can take a while!..what I like today..I may not like tomorrow! *smiles*

        I know it can get you down but keep trying to find new things to keep your mind distracted!
        That’s half our problem! ..we have over active brains and everything you did and said during the day runs over and over like a movie.

        When darkness takes over.. I’m lost in my own thoughts, as you would know it’s dark and lonely.Those days I stay in bed and put no pressure on myself. *smiles*
        Hope you had a good weekend? xx

      • Nicole says:

        I love the cupcake idea! Next time you have a bad day and do this please post a picture of the cupcake! mmmmm…..

        thanks for the support–nice to know I”m not alone!

      • sakuraandme says:

        This I will do! xxx

  4. I can relate to this post. I once had a shrink spend a lot of time talking about mindfulness. It is very similar to what you describe. One of her favorite exercises was to have me brush my teeth and describe to myself the sensations. The feel of the bristles, the taste and smell of the paste, etc. I found it useful to “get out of my head” which is were the bulk of my problems see to stem from also.

    • Nicole says:

      What a great idea! Mornings are so hard for me as I tend to wake up stressed and then start freaking out about everything that could POSSIBLY happen during the day. I will have to give this a try tomorrow morning—

  5. louise says:

    no keys, no phone, no lunch, What do you have? grit, determination, perserverance, and those of us who love you. Thanks for being willling to go another day.

    • Nicole says:

      Aww–my readers don’t normally make me cry–that’s my job! But I did tear up a little at this comment. Thanks for the encouragement! Even before we realized my illness, my mom always praised my diligence and encouraged me to keep developing it. That’s been a lifesaver. What a blessing to have a mom and team who are right there beside me!

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