An encouraging word!

So shame on me for taking so long to respond to this. As I just blogged about, my hubby and I are making a huge decision and I’ve spent a decent amount of time having anxiety attacks!

But—I can’t explain how excited I was when I saw this award on my blog!  It was such a great feeling to see that someone was reading my blog—this author was actually a huge inspiration in my writing as she was one of the first to follow me. So thank you thank you Kat. Check out her blog at  I like her honesty and openness—and she recently posted pictures of her “fave hotties”. What’s not to like?

So here are the rules that apparently come with the award?!

Rule One: Thank the person who nominated you. Done!

Rule Two: List Seven Random things about yourself

  1. The “Mayhem like me” All-State commercials freak me out
  2. The more sparkles…the more likely I am to like it
  3. I’m gullible. Unacceptably so
  4. I missed the Justin Timberlake phase in middle school but made up for it with a crush when I was 23 (Friends with Benefits anyone!?)
  5. I hate the color purple
  6. Good deals make me really really really happy
  7. I’m not above bribing people with food to be my friend.

Rule Three: Spread the love and nominate other bloggers!  Here are my nominations (in no particular order!)….


But more than anything—I wanna remind everyone that you never know what a difference a simple word of encouragement can make!  I can think of several times in my life someone has switched my day/week/month around with just a kind word!

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2 thoughts on “An encouraging word!

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