Wednesday Wishes: Number 16

Have you ever read one of those “Ten things your guy wished you knew” or “Ten things your mother-in-law would never tell you but thinks you should know” (though in many cases—unfortunately for you, there’s nothing your mother in law wouldn’t tell you). Well I wanted to create a lists of things that those of us who struggle with mental illness wished the rest of the world knew—and hopefully get insight from my support team about what they wish I knew!

Number Sixteen: Two weeks ago my “Wednesday Wish” was for family and friends to go along with my weird OCD habits.  Now that I’ve given you two weeks to practice that, I want to take it a step further. When going along with our habits, do it without comment and as if it’s “normal”.  Just like my parents’ favorite bible verse to quote to my siblings and I, “Do everything without complaining or arguing”.

I’m often embarrassed and self-conscious about these habits and fear that you will resent me for them.  When you go along with these habits as if they are normal, you can help alleviate these feelings.

For example, like most individuals with OCD one of my weird habits is a germ phobia. There are random things cause intense anxiety if someone does not wash their hands after. If those around me can just wash their hands (preferably twice!) after these things, it not only will lower my anxiety but also relieve the guilt and embarrassment I might feel about the habit.

Disclaimer: Not all of these thought will reflect all people, in the same way not all “Ten things your guy wished you knew” would relate to my husband—some will not even relate to me. They are thoughts/concerns/opinions I’ve heard when talking with fellow adventurers along the journey that is mental illness.

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