Bad thoughts be gone! Poof! *swing magic wand*

I’m sure you have noticed that I tend to keep my blog related to my personal experience and stories. What I don’t often show is my more academic side (I know…with my writing style you’d never know I had one!). I assumed that if people wanted to read more academic journals related to mental illness they would find it on their own.  However, I think I’ll start including a few here or there—I do A LOT (probably too much!) of reading related to mental illness, so this will be just the ones I find most intriguing.

This research discovery has me very excited. It’s a treatment for depression and suicidal ideation that can work in a matter of hours or days!  Typical medications take over three weeks to begin targeting depression, and for those with suicidal thought that can feel like years. While this is likely to be a groundbreaking drug for crisis situations, I look forward to the possibilities for those in “recovery” as well. About six months ago I was going through a depressive spell and when I woke up wanting to die, I remember thinking “gosh—I wish I had a xanax for this.”  See, with my anxiety I can take a very very low dose xanax and it is often takes off just enough of the edge that I can start practicing my tools. With depression there is currently nothing like that.  So when you’re severely depressed, there’s nothing to “jump start” your brain enough that you can start using the techniques you have learned.

But I’m also reminded of my recent post, “Long Black Train (8-9-12). In it I discussed holding on to hope that one day there will be a better cure for bipolar.  It’s exciting to see that possibility becoming a reality!

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3 thoughts on “Bad thoughts be gone! Poof! *swing magic wand*

  1. Very interesting article. I hope they find away to make the ketamine effects last longer. How great would it be to have the depression/suicide to disappear that quickly! Kat 🙂

    • Nicole says:

      Me too! I cringe every time I think of a doctor telling someone, “ok just don’t kill yourself for three more weeks…and you might start to feel better!” Thanks for re blogging it–I hope the article gives hope to other suffering with depression/suicide.

  2. Reblogged this on tryingtoescapethedarkness and commented:
    Interesting article on quick acting ketamine ridding you of depression/suicidal thoughts quickly!

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