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The link below is to an eating disorder blog–this particular post shares tattoos people who struggle with eating disorders have gotten either during recovery or after. I think having a physical reminder of where you came from and where you want to go is an awesome idea–and a tattoo can definitely be that. My personal favorite was the “breathe” tattoo on a girl’s hand. I bet seeing that every time I looked down could help remind me (or guilt me into) taking some breathing breaks during the day!

I desperately want a tattoo–but my skin freaks out if say–baby lotion touches it. Chicken pox? Yeah–ended up in the hospital with a second degree skin infection. Therefore, a tattoo is out of the question for me. : (  So–other ideas? What other things, either objects/actions/etc, could I use to serve the same purpose? To remind me of how far I’ve come, to breathe, the strength I have…etc.

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