Wednesday Wishes: Number Four

Have you ever read one of those “Ten things your guy wished you knew” or “Ten things your mother-in-law would never tell you but thinks you should know” (though in many cases—unfortunately for you, there’s nothing your mother in law wouldn’t tell you). Well I wanted to create a lists of things that those of us who struggle with mental illness wished the rest of the world knew—and hopefully get insight from my support team about what they wish I knew!

Number Four: When I’m depressed or stressed, don’t tell me “It’s not that bad”.  First, it truly feels that bad to me. Second, I might recognize it can be worse—but there’s nothing I can do about feeling really low or anxious. That’s why it’s called an illness—the feelings are a result of my “broken” brain—not the external circumstances.

Just a personal opinion (as if this entire blog is not that!)—I don’t think you should use this phrase on anyone. I’ve never seen it fix anything, and normally just makes the person defensive. Try to relate to their feeling—not the situation.

Disclaimer: Not all of these thought will reflect all people, in the same way not all “Ten things your guy wished you knew” would relate to my husband—some will not even relate to me. They are thoughts/concerns/opinions I’ve heard when talking with fellow adventurers along the journey that is mental illness.


What's your thoughts?

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